Short Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Sporting a short hairstyle makes you look cool and confident. You are self-assured, in control, and have no time to fuss over trivial things. You are not afraid to show yourself to the world yet you still carry an air of vulnerability around you. Given the right hair cut, you can project femininity and sexiness.

       A short hairstyle is not only easy to manage, it also helps you save up on shampoo and conditioner. Obviously, long hair would require twice or thrice the amount of cream you would normally use to wash your short hair. Another good thing about short hair is that it also makes your hair look thick, smooth, and glossy. Plus, it takes years off your face and makes you look younger.

When going for the short cut, however, always remember that wet hair seems to be longer than dry hair because the water weighs it down. Once it gets dry, the curls will bounce back in and, of course, you wouldn’t want to end up with very short hair than you actually intended to have in the first place.

Short curly hair looks best in layered cuts as it creates movement. Be careful, though, not to cut it too short as it may stick out and make you look boyish. Make use of styling aids like gels or pomades to give your hair that sleek professional salon look.

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